The Team at Calm & Gentle Dental Care Rustington

Welcome to Calm & Gentle Dental CareRustington

Formerly known as Rustington Dental Care, and based in the pretty village of Rustington, 7 Broadmark Lane has been the ‘dental clinic’ of choice since 1998, providing dental care to local families and members of the wider community.

In 2016 husband and wife team Dr David & Susan Burr decided to hang up their mirrors and probes and retire following a long and successful career in dentistry. Dr Pieter Claassen, the new owner of the practice, initially worked along-side David & Sue offering patients new advanced treatments such as, Cerec crowns, dental implants, straight teeth and facial aesthetic treatments taking time from his practice in Tonbridge, Kent. In January 2017 we were very fortunate to have our new associate, Dr Krynauw join the team with his wife Cassandra following shortly.

We now have a new Mr & Mrs providing dental care for the residents of Rustington and surrounding areas. Both Kray and Cassandra have quickly become a part of the community and patients are full of compliments once they have met them for the first time.

Your smile is our passion and we want to help you maintain excellent oral health. Our approach is Calm & Gentle hence the new name! Lets be honest, no one really likes visiting the dentist so if you can be guaranteed a clam and relaxing environment, that a start…

Painless Dental Implants at Calm & Gentle Dental Care…Rustington

Dental Implants can truly be life changing. People who are suffering from lose and painful dentures would have almost all considered having them at some point…so what stops people from taking the next step to getting the quality of their life back; Fear!

Fear of pain, fear of the cost, fear of the drill, fear of the needle, fear of the chair, fear of feeling embarrassed, fear of feeling judged, fear of the unknown, fear of the dentist chair, the list goes on…

Dental implants have many benefits for patients who are considering whether or not to go through with the procedure.  While there are other tooth replacement options, including dentures and bridges, we recommend dental implants for these reasons, Dental implants

  • look and feel like natural teeth.
  • can last a lifetime.
  • can provide stability and strength to full dentures.
  • are biocompatible with the body.
  • replace one or more teeth.
  • do not irritate the gum tissue as dentures can.
  • are permanent and not removable.
  • restore complete functionality for chewing, biting, and speaking efficiency.

Restore your smile with safe and effective dental implant treatmentContact us for details.